Monday, April 10, 2006

First post

What are you doing?

Despite all common sense, I've decided to roll a Paladin and twink it for the level 10-19 Warsong Gulch bracket. Why a Paladin? A few reasons, actually:
  • Best armor class available for the level range (Devotion Aura)
  • Blessing of Protection and Blessing of Freedom
  • In my opinion, best talents available for the level range:
    1. Increase chance to block by 30% when critted;
    2. An extra 3% chance to hit with melee attacks;
    3. Cooldown on Blessing of Protection reduced to 3 minutes and duration of Blessing of Freedom increased by 6 seconds.
My guild (The ShadowKnights on Hellscream, US PVE) has a number of twinks for this level already, but most are offensive classes, rogues and warriors primarily. I'm hoping to help both defending the flag (by healing and otherwise being difficult to kill) and helping carriers (healing, again, and Blessings of Protection and Freedom). More than anything, I'm interested in having fun and helping my team, I'm less concerned with the number of Honor Kills I get or the amount of Contribution Points I accumulate.


So far, I managed to get a great weapon (Rakzur's Club) and a great belt (Stormbringer Belt) for about 20 gold total, and have found a few other items that should be fairly easy to get to round out my gear: As tempting as it may be, I'm going to avoid dropping hundreds of gold on enchantments at this level. Maintain is an enchanter herself, however, so I'll be taking advantage of every enchant that I can swing, capped at skill level 150.


Another incentive to run the 10-19 Warsong Gulch bracket are the WSG Faction rewards. I've already got another Paladin up to level 41 (a bubble and a half away from 42, but I digress) and I know how hard it is to get gear that's actually really useful to the Paladin class. So far, a lot of my gear is mis-matched, some with high strength and stamina, some with intellect and some with healing. Being hybrids, we also fall to the bottom of the "need" pile in instances, there are almost always other classes in the party who can use the items that we want. With regards to the WSG rewards, I get a great mix of useful stats without gimping any one in particular: These are just at Honored reputation too, there are other items and upgrades to the above at higher ranks. With these rewards, not only will I be filling out otherwise empty spots (who has a neckpiece at level 19?), but ensuring that I'm not screwing myself over stats-wise.


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