Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The joys of playing a Paladin

I love both of my Paladins, to the point I'm tempted to roll another one just for the heck of it. Last week I went through SM Armory with 2 guildies (60 Hunter and 32 Druid) and a random (awful) level 33 hunter. I was basically left on my own and it was freaking great! After much debate on my part, I equipped the Bonechewer I picked up in Uldaman and had a blast. While Paladins aren't a DPS class, I was still cranking out over 110 DPS, and was decently able to pull aggro when I needed to. My last two talent points have gone into Improved Righteous Fury and the difference is noticed. I've yet to try and main tank an instance, but once I get the third point in Imp. RF, I'm confident that between Consecration and Seal of Righteousness, I'd be able to hold aggro on my main target decently well. In line with maintaining aggro like this, I also love the fact that Paladins can essentially turn off aggro generation altogether by simply not using SoR and RF. Other than those times that I'm main healer, I like being up front and swinging away, as I find it not only speeds things up, but I never pull aggro when I'm not supposed to. I just toss on either Seal of the Crusader or Judge Seal of Light and go to town. Warriors appreciate having Devotion Aura and the fact that I don't pull aggro off them and healers can pretty much leave me be, so they've got one less person to worry about. Sadly, I've grouped with entirely too many Paladins who don't work with their given talents, but that's another story. For all the fun I had, the non-guilded Hunter that was with us made me want to pull out my hair. We were discussing loot rules and I told the group that the only thing I wanted to roll on was the Ravager, and would pass on any other BOP items that dropped. Nobody seemed to have any problems, however a few minutes later, I got a tell from this Hunter telling me not to roll on the Ravager as I had no claim to it since my current weapon was better. Excuse me? Last time I checked, Hunters don't melee and particularly don't benefit from weapons that have a proc, rather than stat bonuses. I replied saying that he was perfectly free to roll on it as well, but made it clear that if it dropped, I was going to roll on it as well. This wasn't good enough for him, of course, so the tells continued. It started off with him saying he would "appreciate" it if I wouldn't roll on the Ravager, then degraded into basically calling me a thief because I was planning to roll on an axe that he couldn't even use for another 4 levels. I got a little sick of it and brought it to the attention of the group leader who promptly came out and told him right in Party chat that if he had such a problem with it, he could find another group to walk him through Armory. Naturally, the axe didn't drop and he needed the Raging Berserker's Helm (because it will be great for him in 7 levels, right?), but still, after basically getting called a ninja for winning a roll on the Triune Amulet a few weeks ago, grouping with non-guildies as a Paladin has really left a bad taste in my mouth. I never had these problems while leveling with my Warlock, I guess it just goes to show how little some people understand the concept of a hybrid class. Edit: Why would I want to roll on the Ravager if I already had the Bonechewer? Fun factor, for one thing, but I also frequently walk groups of low-level guildies through the Deadmines to help them gear up, and killing multiple mobs makes my life considerably easier. In my eyes, it's an item that I would have kept and used frequently, which is more than enough reason to expect to be able to roll on it.


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