Friday, April 14, 2006

New gear!

Much thanks to Amandrace (60 Paladin on Hellscream, Raid Leader in the ShadowKnights) for the Deadmines run today. I came out with some amazing new gear: Need to go back for the Gold-plated Buckler, but that shouldn't be overly difficult to get. I hit 18 too, and have to be careful of my experience now. Last thing I want to do is hit 19 too soon, that would limit the other gear I'd like to try and get. I'm going to see if I can get into a BFD group and get the Arctic Buckler, but that's going to be a stretch with only about a level and a half worth of experience to work with. Now that my gear is starting to come together, I'm starting to look towards getting some enchants, particularly on my chestpiece and weapons. My Rakzur Club has +3 Intellect on it now, which has to go. I'm thinking of aiming for a damage-dealing enchant on the Club (such as firey) and a more defensive one of the Cruel Barb (such as icy chill). Since the mats are ridiculously easy to get, I'm going to get either Enchant Shield - Lesser Block or Enchant Shield - Greater Stamina on whichever shield I end up using. Aside from that, Enchant Boots - Minor Speed on my boots and Enchant Chest - Major Health on my chestpiece, and +Strength and +Stamina on whatever else. I picked up and started leveling my fishing too, aiming for the Lucky Fishing Hat. If things go well overall, I may take my main and try to pick up some of the Librams, +100 hit points and +150 mana wouldn't hurt, that's for sure. Forget the Librams, they're not worth it for what I'm looking to do. I'm looking forward to leveling up my Enchanting too, I've got the recipe for Minor Mana Oil waiting for me in the bank, just need to get up another 13 points and I'll be able to use that. Lasts through death, thankfully, which should make it quite useful. Edit: Gah, need to be level 20 to use the Mana Oil...Sorry Maintain, you're outta luck!


Blogger GSH said...

What about raiding the instances?

I've never tried this, but couldn't you take your group of two, convert to a raid, and then get loot but no experience?

4/19/2006 02:56:00 AM  

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